Coordinate Measuring Machine Supplier COORD3 with….

….a Passion for Precision

As one of the early pioneers of the CMM Machine COORD3 offers Bridge, Gantry and Horizontal CMM’s integrated with Renishaw probing and state of the art software providing the customer with the ultimate high technology CMM. All COORD3 CMM’s utilise advanced alloy technology offering maximum metrology their performance.

A COORD3 CMM is available with the next generation Renishaw PH20 infinite rotational position probe head. Larger bridge and gantry style CMM’s can also be equipped with the Renishaw REVO 5 axis CMM scanning solution.

The COORD3 CMM has been specifically developed to provide a rigid scanning platform with NT models offering enhanced scanning performance with the incorporation of Silicon Carbide Z axis.

Manufactured exclusively in Europe since 1973

COORD3 CMM Manufacturing Plant

CMM Machines made in Italy

COORD3 has manufactured over 5,000 Coordinate measurement machines at its headquarters just outside the city of Turin and in the foothills of the Italian Alps close by the ski slopes used in the 2006 winter Olympics. Today many CMM manufactures hide the true manufactured identity location of their machines hiding behind their brand image of days past; not so COORD3. ALL of our CMM machines are 100% manufactured in Italy.

COORD3 is a Global Leader in the supply of Coordinate Measuring Machines and one of only a few suppliers capable of manufacturing the CMM structure from advanced alloy technology with its proven capabilities to react positively to thermal changes. Traditional granite CMM frames absorb slowly thermal changes which has a negative effect on CMM accuracy over the prolonged period since granite take time to dissipate the absorbed heat.

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Next Generation CMM Technology Video Presentations

The Advanced Performance CMM from COORD3

TouchDMIS CMM Software – Changing the Way the World Measures

Link to TouchDMIS Overview

To download the 10 page 2014 COORD3 Corporate CMM Brochure providing an extensive overview of the full range of COORD3 Bridge, Gantry and Horizontal Arm CMM Machines click the image below.


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